All FM Translators offered for sale on this site are owned by First Ventures Capital Partners, Inc. , who purchased and has operated them since 2011First Ventures is a private equity investment firm currently specializing in broadcast property investments. In its storied past First Ventures has provided start up and early stage venture capital backing for numerous Silicon Valley technology companies, and in the early 1990s also funded broadcast and broadcast technology company First Broadcasting. First Ventures is incorporated in Delaware and is led by CEO, founder and principal shareholder Ronald Unkefer.


Ronald has been a broadcaster since he purchased legendary San Francisco radio stations KSFO and KYA in 1992. He and companies he founded have owned and operated dozens of radio stations across the country over the past 20+ years. Ronald’s previous company First Broadcasting also developed and patented software technology that helped the company upgrade and relocate several dozen small market FM stations and created well over a dozen new stations in many of the largest markets in the country including Dallas, Sacramento, Houston and Kansas City. Ronald’s Memphis First Ventures, LP currently owns and/or operates 6 FM and FM Translators, 2 HD FMs and 3 AMs in the Memphis Metro.


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First Ventures Capital Partners, Inc.             Hallett & Perrin, P.C.

4615 Lovers Lane, Suite 288                             Gordon T. Foote II, Atty.

Dallas, TX 75225                                                 1445 Ross Ave.

214-273-6440                                                      Suite 2400                 Dallas, Texas 75202


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Tolleson Private Bank                                      Wiley Rein LLP

5500 Preston Rd #250                                     Mark Lipp, Atty.

Dallas, TX 75205                                                1776 K Street NW

Tel: 214-252-3033                                             Washington, DC 20006

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First Ventures Capital Partners, Inc.

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