Thanks for checking this site, but all FM Translators have now been sold.

NOW! Protect your AM investment and the future of your business . Purchase OR LEASE an FM Translator and file to easily relocate during the special filing window for AM stations that ends October 31. We we will manage the FCC filings process and relocation of license.  In order to file under the relaxed FCC relocation rules, station owners must either own or have  a currently licensed FM Translator under contract. Don’t miss out on literally a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. 

THANK YOU, FCC. On October 23, 2015 the commissioners at the FCC rescued much of the AM radio industry with a Rulemaking that will allow any AM owner to buy  or lease an FM Translator currently licensed anywhere within 250 miles of their AM station. Broadcasters can relocate an FM Translator to their market with one simple filing in an unprecedented exclusive “once in a lifetime” filing window for  AM owners  now through October 31, 2016. Subject to availability of unused FM channel(s) in your market, an FM Translator will allow broadcasters to simulcast your AM on the FM dial in high fidelity stereo, 24 hours a day, at full power…regardless of any current critical hours and/or nighttime restrictions of your AM station.

First Ventures Capital Partners Inc. applauds the FCC and supports their efforts to help AM owners by making available all of our available FM Translators for sale or lease.  Rather than auction off this last FM Translator that we own, we are now offering it for  purchase on a first come basis at $16,500, A PRICE LESS THAN HALF of the $40,000+ average price for all FM Translators sales in the country over these last six months. Alternatively, we are also now offering a  a lease option with a down payment of as little as $5,000 down and  payments as low as $300/mo. for 60 months. The lease  includes  a purchase option and a renewal option at the end of the lease (please contact us directly for full details).   This site gives  all broadcasters equal opportunity to purchase or lease and hopefully put our last  FM Translator to the highest and best use servicing the most listeners.  Register To Bid.

We tried to cover all the important basics that buyers might need to know on this site. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Station owners making any decision to buy or lease an FM Translator should be done in consultation with legal counsel, and not in reliance on our interpretation of FCC rules and regulations. All FM Translators are subject to prior sale or lease.  We implore you to act immediately   because availability is on a first come basis.


All remaining FM Translators are being offered for sale or lease by First Ventures Capital Partners, Inc.



These are all fully licensed commercial band  FM Translators that can relocate to all or parts of seven (7) different states:  Colorado,  Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas,Wyoming, Nebraska and New Mexico.

Per the recent FCC Rulemaking, each FM Translator will be eligible to relocate up to 250 miles and pair with an AM on whatever open FM channel is available in that market. Regardless of current licensed power, each FM Translator will be eligible to operate at maximum power for FM Translators (up to 250 watts) and at any height depending on any channel limitations in that market. Available FM Translators shows a map of the eligible relocation area for each FM Translator.


Most of the listening has switched from AM to FM, and AM’s continued decline is likely to continue for technical reasons (sound quality, static, changing and reduced critical hours and nighttime signals, listener habits, and limited available format options due to all of the above). The FCC has provided a fast lane to get relief by making a “one time only offer” to allow AM broadcasters to simulcast on FM through the purchase and simplified relocation of existing FM Translators. AM owners are being given this one chance to acquire licenses already granted and easily relocate them to service their AM stations (based on availability of open FM channels in their market). While the FCC has discussed other plans that may help the plight of AMs, acquisition and operation of a simulcasting FM Translator is the most immediate, most certain and arguably the most significant upgrade available to most AM broadcasters anytime soon, if ever. FCC Info.



New lower “Buy Now” prices  as well as lease options are available immediately and offers will be considered on a first come basis until either all are sold or leased.

The FCC filing window open now will end forever on October 31, so now  is your best last best chance to purchase an FM Translator and secure the best open FM  channel in your market. The earlier the filing the better chances of locking in an open available channel in your market, since the FCC allocates all spectrum on a first-come basis based on filing date. “Buy Now” price of $$16,500 is in effect now and  we intend to sell this  to the most qualified buyer on a first come basis . Register To Bid.  Buy It Now.


Registration to bid is required accompanying your offer to purchase or lease. You must be a legitimate  broadcaster currently in good standing with the FCC. Register To Bid.


It’s simple and easy as 1-2-3: Register To Bid, read the Auction Rules (no longer applies) and then use the short email bid form Bid Here.

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